Shiva Rea on The Evolution of Namaskar

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Traditionalists trace the roots of modern Sun Salutations back to rituals called Namaskars performed more than 3,500 years ago. But a few crucial pieces of the original custom never quite caught on in today’s mainstream practice. Want to bring the missing links back into your practice and approach Salutations as more of an all-in-one practice than only a warm-up? Join Shiva Rea for an intensive workshop that will deepen your experience on the mat, no matter what style of yoga you practice.

Learning Objectives

In this six-week Master Class, you will explore various Namaskar practices as a way to drop into your heart and let go of whatever holds you back. Once you experience Namaskars as a whole-body movement meditation, you can cultivate an inner flow that leads to transformation. The course includes:

An introduction to the roots and evolution of Namaskar and the practice of movement meditation

2 classical Surya Namaskar practices

1 Chandra Namaskar practice

2 evolutionary Prana Vinyasa Namaskar practices

Weekly self-study assignments to help you embody what you’ve learned

Access to a private Facebook group

Course Content

Shiva Rea on The Evolution of Namaskar: Week 1
Lesson: Intro to Namaskar as movement meditation and a way to move into a state of receptivity
Week 2
Lesson: Classical Surya Namaskar with Surya Mantra
Week 3
Lesson: Classical Surya Namaskar with Bija Mantras
Week 4
Lesson: Chandra Namaskar
Week 5
Lesson: Prana Flow Pranams, an evolutionary namaskar
Week 6
Lesson: Hridaya Namaskar, an evolutionary namaskar