Shiva Rea on The Evolution of Namaskar

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Shiva Rea is an activist, yoga teacher, and author of Tending the Heart Fire. Music and movement are key to her unique style of yoga, which is based on Krishnamacharya’s teachings, Tantra, Ayurveda, and bhakti. An avid surfer and longtime philanthropist, she uses yoga to raise money through her initiatives Moving Activism for 1,008,000 Trees, Yoga Energy Activism, and the Global Mala Project. She travels for retreats and workshops most days, but you can often find her once a week leading a public class at Exhale in Venice, California.

Course Content

Shiva Rea on The Evolution of Namaskar: Week 1
Lesson: Intro to Namaskar as movement meditation and a way to move into a state of receptivity
Week 2
Lesson: Classical Surya Namaskar with Surya Mantra
Week 3
Lesson: Classical Surya Namaskar with Bija Mantras
Week 4
Lesson: Chandra Namaskar
Week 5
Lesson: Prana Flow Pranams, an evolutionary namaskar
Week 6
Lesson: Hridaya Namaskar, an evolutionary namaskar