Alan Finger on Meditation

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Modern living—and the screens, to do lists, and roaring pace that come along with it—has scattered our minds. That’s why meditation is important now more than ever. When you meditate, you create space for your consciousness to return to its natural state. If you are ready to find clarity and peace through a regular meditation practice but don’t know where to begin, join Alan Finger for an intensive workshop on the fundamentals of ISHTA meditation.

Learning Objectives

In this six-week Master Class, Alan will teach you what meditation is, the different levels of meditation, and how to access these different levels. You will explore asana that prepares you for meditation, breathwork that shifts your state of mind, and kriyas that will help you find balance and tap into greater intelligence. With these tools, you will have the tools to meditate and experience noticeable benefits in your everyday life. Don’t miss the chance to discover invaluable tools that will empower you to still your mind! This course includes:

An introduction to the fundamentals and benefits of meditation through the ISHTA Yoga practices

6 powerful meditation practices

Pranayama techniques that help switch your energy into a place of balance

Weekly self-study assignments to help you embody what you learn

Access to a private Facebook group

Course Content

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Week 6